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Sarah is a Berlin based English Language Coach. She loves helping her clients feel more like themselves communicating in English. With over 11 years experience teaching in Argentina, the USA and Germany, she brings fun and ease to the language mastering process.

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Take a look on what some of my clients have said about working with me:

Claudia - Former Sales Rep

Claudia - Former Sales Rep

50 years old - from Germany

It was always my big dream to learn English. What I knew before was worse than bad school English. Already after some months of weekly classes, I could communicate well during a trip to the USA. Sarah always keeps my motivation high. She is a nice young woman who teaches me her language with patience and a big portion of fun. I can proudly say that I now understand and speak English very well. Thanks to Sarah! We`ll continue working together!

Gerald - Business Manager in Healthcare

Gerald - Business Manager in Healthcare

63 years old - from Germany

I've taken weekly lessons with Sarah for three years and it is fun to have become aware of my progress, step by step. Thanks to Sarah, I feel comfortable using the foreign language. She is always well prepared to meet and improve my individual verbal skills. So she does her homework preparing for class and I am happy to oblige by doing my homework as well :)

Giuseppe - Student

Giuseppe - Student

26 years old - from Italy

My experience with Sarah was really nice. She helped me understand the language using different creative ways. For example, every lesson we played games that helped me memorize new words and grammar structures. Since I was the only student, we could speak about our lives in a pleasant process that lead me to feel very comfortable speaking. I recommend working with Sarah to anybody who wants to start feeling comfortable in English in a quick and funny way.

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